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We have Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses and Personal Support Workers 24/7.

Experienced, highly-qualified and caring nursing staff to provide assistance with residents activities of daily living.

We have P.I.E.C.E.S. trained Staff. P.I.E.C.E.S. stands for an individual’s Physical, Intellectual, and Emotional health, Capabilities, Environment and Social life and is training for staff to meet the care requirements of individuals with increasingly complex physical and cognitive/mental health needs and associated behavioral issues.

We have a Wound and Skin Care team that assesses and manages the different types and stages of residents wounds, puts preventive measures in place, provides health teaching to residents, staff and families, makes referrals to doctors and a wound care nurse who visits regularly.

We also have a Palliative Care Team that assesses plans and provides compassionate care to maintain the quality of life for the dying residents.

There is a multidisciplinary Infection Control team that prevents and controls the spread of infectious diseases.

There is also a multidisciplinary Resident Care Team that focuses on the resolution of different risk indicators affecting residents.


Here, physical rehabilitation is provided by a dedicated team of professionals, composed of an experienced registered physiotherapist and a qualified rehabilitation assistant. The Physiotherapy Team is committed to enrich the residents' meaningful life. This is achieved, in part, by helping improve their functional mobility through the consistent use of controlled exercises and, whenever necessary, through the use of drug-free methods of pain control.


Restorative Therapy - restorative programs to help residents optimize their abilities such as walking, dining, range of motion flexibility, communication, endurance training, and promotion of self care and prevention of complications of inactivity.


  1. There is one on every resident home area
  2. Strategically located for easy access to Registered Staff for information, consultation or any other inquiries
  3. Situated where staff can have a full view of the Dining Room and lounges for monitoring and supervision of residents.


  1. We have a Medical Director and three other family physicians who visit residents throughout the week
  2. On-call physician 24/7
  3. Visiting dermatologist


  1. On site 2 days per week for diet consults
  2. Meets with all new admissions for initial nutritional assessments
  3. Follow-up on all Dietary referrals from facility MD’s
  4. Member of Skin and wound Care Team