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Residents who choose not to participate in group activities will benefit from a homelike environment that includes resident pets and plants and visits from children.

Benefits of pet therapy - may motivate and encourage residents to stay healthy and exercise, a feeling of being needed, improved motor skills, a major difference in their comfort, progress and recovery.

We encourage our Residents to be involved in caring for other living things and to build nurturing relationships between people, plants and pets.

Resident cats and birds provide ongoing companionship and create a homelike environment

Visiting dogs through a partnership with St. John’s Pet Therapy is a volunteer -based therapy pet visitation program. www.tpoc.ca

Benefits of Horticultural therapy - an innovative treatment method using plants and plant-related activities improves mobility, balance, endurance, socialization and memory skills.

Benefits of Intergenerational programs to promote meaningful contact among generations, overcome negative social stereotypes of the elderly. Both the seniors and the children derive a sense of self-worth and accomplishment because the interaction is magical.

We initiate programs involving local schools and day care centres in the community.

Plants pets